Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit full paper describing original research work in areas including, but are not limited to:



Next Generation Networks
Networking Technologies
Network Architectures
High speed Networks
Routing, Switching and Addressing Techniques
State of the art of Network Operations & Management
Network performance, QoS and Resource Management
Network Protocols
Peer to peer and Overlay Networks

State of the art of wireless Networks
Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks
WiFi & LiFi Network Technologies
Ubiquitous Networks
Mobile Networks & Wireless Networks
Recent trends in WiMedia & Multimedia Networks

Reconfigurable Networks
Heterogeneous Networks
Self-Organizing/ reconfigurable Networks and Networked Systems
Interconnection Network on Chip (NoC)
Software Defined Networks (SDNs)
Virtualization & Network Traffic Balancer
Data Centers design
Data Centers Networks
Datacenters Traffic Management and Optimization
Switch Fabric

Ultrahigh Speed Networks
Optical Communications and Networks
Photonic Networks
Satellite & Space Communications
ICT & Intelligent Transportation Systems
Internet of Things (IoT)

Intelligent & Advanced Systems
Track Chair: Prof. Bobin Deng, Kernesaw State University, USA
Next Generation Internet
Next Generation Web Architectures
Parallel and Distributed Computing Networks
Mobile/Wireless Computing
Intelligent Computing Systems
Cloud Computing & Big Data Analytics
Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Modelling and Simulation
Network Security
Wireless network attacks
Cloud Security
Cloud documents Integrity & Privacy
High performance Computing  Systems
ICT in Environmental Sciences
5G & 6G Mobile Services