2024 Keynote Spekaers

Prof. Farid Meziane (Head of the Data Science Research Centre)
University of Derby, UK

Biography: Farid Meziane is a professor of Data Science, Head of the Data Science Research Centre, the University’s lead for the Data Science academic research theme and the chair of the college of Science and Engineering Research Committee at the University of Derby, UK. He obtained a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Salford, UK on his work on producing formal specification from Natural Language requirements. The work was considered at that time as pioneering in the area and paved the way for a large interest in automating the production of software specifications from informal requirements.
He has authored over 200 scientific papers and participated in many national and international research projects. He is the co-chair of the international conference on application of Natural Language to information systems; co-chair of the international conference on Information Science and Systems. He is serving in the programme committee of over ten international conferences. He is an associate editor for the data and knowledge engineering (Elsevier) journal and the managing editor of the International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering (IDEA publishing). He was awarded the Highly Commended Award from the Literati Club, 2001 for his paper on Intelligent Systems in Manufacturing: Current Development and Future Prospects. His research expertise includes Natural Language processing, semantic computing, data mining and big data and knowledge Engineering.

Webpage: https://www.derby.ac.uk/staff/farid-meziane/

Dr. Harry Yu
University of Derby, UK

Speech Title: Generative AI (LLM) for Software Engineering: Current Work and Challenges and Future Directions

Biography: Dr. Hongqing (Harry) Yu is a distinguished Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Derby, where he chairs the Master's Teaching Committee and leads the master's degree portfolio within the School of Computing. His illustrious career includes spearheading several high-profile projects funded by European and UK bodies. Notably, he has led two pivotal Innovate UK research projects on digital twins in the aerospace sector and a knowledge exchange partnership project focused on multimodal data analytics for rail inspection.
With a Ph.D. in Data Science and an MSc in Software Engineering from the University of Leicester, Dr. Yu has significantly contributed to data analytics and generative AI. His research ambitiously spans big data analytics, machine learning, service-oriented programming, and the practical application of Large Language Models (LLMs), achieving remarkable progress in healthcare systems, digital twins for engineering, and sports analytics. His recent work on integrating Natural Language Processing and knowledge graph technologies for developing intelligent systems in bioengineering and automotive data analysis has been published in high-impact journals, making significant impacts in both academia and industry.
Since joining the University of Derby, Dr. Yu has expanded his research into more engineering and applied AI areas, building on his extensive knowledge from previous research. He currently leads research projects with Bloc Digital on digital twins and a knowledge exchange partnership project dedicated to multimodal data analytics for inspection problems, showcasing his notable achievements in AI research. Additionally, he has supervised 12 Ph.D. students, demonstrating his commitment to nurturing the next generation of scientists in AI and data science.
Dr. Yu's academic prowess is further evidenced by his authorship of over 50 publications and his leadership roles in several internationally renowned, high-impact journals. In recognition of his groundbreaking work, he was honored with the University of Derby's Exceptional Contribution Award in 2023, underscoring his influential role in advancing the frontiers of computer science research and education.